Field Visits

Taking learning beyond the classroom.
We believe that there is great educational value in taking students out of the classroom to see the world at first hand and that such experiences help to `bring education to life.


Library Science

The library is the main resource center for the students and also teachers at Vinayaka Public School. The total seating capacity in the library is 40. With a vast collection of volumes comprising of textbooks, CDs, journals, magazines, periodicals, our library with some has the right combination to support the academic as well as the general knowledge of our students. We subscribe to most of the national & local newspapers. To bring in a different perspective to students and learn the concepts in greater detail, we regularly source the textbooks from different authors. A separate section of books is easily accessible to the teachers that help them to develop the study materials. As a quick reference for day-to-day teaching and classroom assignments, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas maps, and thesaurus are available.

Sports and P E

It is our constant endeavor to encourage students to take part in outdoor and indoor games. Keeping this in mind, we have excellent play facilities for the students. The toddler’s play area has miniature slides, swings while for the students in the primary class and the high school, various equipment is available.

A dedicated basketball court helps students encourage team sports within the students. Excelling in sports helps students to develop a strong sense of responsibility and respect for the team and teammates. VPS motivates students to indulge in other sports activities such as Hokey, throw ball, volley ball and table tennis.

With trained physical instructors providing regular coaching in different sports, inter-class competitions are conducted on a regular basis to spot out talented students and trained rigorously to compete at state level and national level sports competitions.



Our academic focus is based on a philosophy of teaching that is consistent with exemplary practices and meets national standards in education.

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Hobby Clubs

Music is integral part of the curriculum at VPS. To guide the students to understand the nuances in the field of music, Vinayaka Public School has highly trained faculty. Our school is furnished with the latest instruments and world class audio facilities. To showcase the students’ talent, they are trained and encouraged to perform at inter school and state level competitions.

Drama club:
“Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I will remember.
Involve me and I will understand.”

To develop and nurture the creativity of our students, we have introduced dramatics club. The dramatics classes are designed to help the students in overcoming the stage fear, work together as a team and also build leadership qualities in them. The faculty supervises the dramatic class to get the best out of the students. Regular workshops are also conducted by external consultants with expertise in the field of dramatics.

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