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Our academic focus is based on a philosophy of teaching that is consistent with exemplary practices and meets national standards in education.

We firmly believe in adapting best in class technology to help students understand things visually rather than just explaining them theoretically. With partnership with leading companies like the Educomp, Teach Next, Smart boards, we have installed latest technology in our school campus to help our teachers and students access the best of knowledge repository with just a touch of a button and communicate the same to our students in the most efficient, simple manner to foster sharp learning skills.

Each stage of schooling is carefully constructed, to make a student’s journey from one level of school to the next as seamless and rewarding as possible.

vinayaka public school

Our academic curriculum from Std 1 to Std 2:

  • First Language: English
  • Second Language: Kannada
  • Third Language: Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Education

Our academic curriculum FROM Std 3 to Std 5:

  • First Language: English
  • Second Language: Kannada
  • Third Language: Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Science

Our academic curriculum from Std 6 to Std 7:

  • First Language: English
  • Second Language: Kannada
  • Third Language: Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology ( Science )
  • History, Civics andGeography ( Social Sciences)

Our academic curriculum from Std 8 to Std 10 ICSE:

  • First Language: English
  • Second Language optional: Kannada or Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology ( Science )
  • History, Civics, and Geography ( Social Sciences)
  • Computer Applications

Our academic curriculum from Std 8 to Std 10 State Board:

  • First Language: Kannada
  • Second Language: English
  • Third Language: Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Biology ( Science )
  • History, Civics and Geography ( Social Sciences)

Structure and timings


Academic Terms

Academic Terms


  • Our school works all 6-day week.
  • All Second Saturday’s holiday
  • Special practices and rehearsals may be held from 2:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and Saturdays if required.



Kindergarten classes comprises of preparatory classes. The child’ development is based on the strong healthy foundation.

Plenty of opportunities are given to develop in identifying alphabet, numbers colors, shapes, animals, fruits, parts of body. The basic parameters to grade them to the next level are based on oral phonics aural, visual and kinesthetic activities.

In the next level the child develops writing and comprehensive skills to meet the competencies, such as writing alphabet, numbers, number names, Names of fruits, flowers, shapes, animals, days of the week, months of the year etc.

End of the session the child will be able to meet the parameters of upper grade. Reading, Writing, Speaking skills are developed. Their cognitive and socio emotional domains are manifold.

Students of grades from 1 to 4 belong to this elementary group.

The students continuous comprehensive learning will be multifaceted: This process varies from oral skill, aural comprehension to presentation skills assimilation of skills of its presentation. They develop the skills of reading through phonics. The students learn syllabification to learn spellings and pronunciation. The teachers develop the students adaptive behavior by personal motivation, class room discussions, participation in Co- curricular activities – sports, singing story telling and other activities.

Students of grade 5, 6 and 7 belongs to this elementary group.

Here they develop the characteristic traits like ‘intra’ and ‘inter’ personal skills. A child centered methodology of teaching learning is followed.

They understand the basic structural patterns of language, vocabulary and constructions.

The students learn through the activity based worksheets, extracurricular, co-curricular activities such as debates, quiz, dramatics, music, narration, discussions- experiments, Lab work. However they are guided by the facilitators – our teachers.

The secondary school comprises of 8 to 10th class students.

The students are well equipped for their self evaluation and are made stronger by bringing out their potentiality in different aspects such as their drilling syllabus, project work, report on educational visits, quiz, debates, dramatics, Science and eco-clubs, participating in sports, conducting exhibition and cultural activities and book review. These are the summative approach to the holistic development and is tracked by the teachers to monitor the students.

The students are made to face every challenge. They advent new avenues of life and contribute to a greater reformation of global development.

Learning Enhancement Programme

Semi Residential facilities

Vinayaka Public school has its unique extended hours of study for the high school classes that is referred to both ICSE and SSLC Board pupil. These classes enrich the students when they go through the content of completed Chapter do their relearning. They develop ‘Self Study’ habits and Textual readings will be enhanced.

The performance of each student can be observed and can be catered to their requirements.

Semi residential’s main:
1. Objective is to lessen the burden of books. [carrying books of the student]
2. Revision of the chapters to make the students thorough with content.
3. Combined efforts with the peer group turns abstract knowledge to concrete knowledge.

Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluating a child’s progress at school is a continuous comprehensive process. Each child has its individual characteristics and interests. They should receive opportunity to learn according to his / her potentiality.

Assessment at Vinayaka Public School takes into account the child’s multifaceted personality. The class teachers along with subject teachers help the students to cope up with the required standard and are closely monitored.

II – Methods to follow internal Assessments:-[ Projects / Work sheets]

Assignments are the integral part of all courses and are the extension of all classroom work. It is a tool that enables the students and teachers to assess the extent of understanding.

I) Pre Nursery, LKG and UKG:
Two term exams are conducted to evaluate a child’s progress, assessed on a daily basis of their Recognition Co-relation, Co-ordination, cognition, perception and oral expression to the subjects. Number works EVS and Language.

They are graded as follows:-
A + – Outstanding
A – Very good
B – Good
C – Needs motivation

II) Class 1 to Class 6

Timely completion of work makes learning a pleasure and no longer becomes a burden.

Progress Card :
Home assignments, class work submission skill based work sheets, Reports on field trips oral / Aural activities, quiz, debates, project works, Book review will be admininistered and are recorded according to the plan for the year and is distributed evenly across two terms and short vacation.

Annual Results:
1. Students securing 35% and above in all cognitive subjects in each of the two terms will qualify promotion.
2. 80% attendance in each of the two terms is a must.
3. Evaluation is based on students continuous academic and non academic performance during the academic year.
4. If the student is absent for any term exam, Re-exam will not be given on latter date.
5. If the exams is missed on any other valid reasons the results will be on the grounds of consolidated percentage.

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