School is providing qualitative education. curriculum is taught not only by books but, also by activities and projects. My daughters are very enthusiastic learning in the school. School builds a good encouragement in all activities.

G .S.MAHESH, Reva college
Parent of G.M.ashapriya & G.M.anaghapriya (Class: V & Class I)

I am Vandana Utarid, mother of Nikhita Utarid and Aryan Utarid,studying in Class II and LKG respectively.VPS has grown immensely over the last few years. The School has developed a good curriculum and has maintained a good balance in academics as well as sports and extracurricular activities.

VPS has a good teaching staff. The teachers are dedicated. Children are given individual attention here .A child who needs help in a particular subject is given an extra hour of supervised study by the teachers. Another important point is that the children are not forced to deliver a certain output at a given time and are not under pressure.

The teacher gives them time to learn difficult concepts and develop a liking towards the subject at their own pace. The school takes interest in teaching children good virtues.Lots of improvements have taken the school at a different level.

I am satisfied with the development personally. I wish the School and the staff all the best for their noble work.

Vandana Utarid

Vinayaka Public School has been imparting academic excellence since 1997.I am a witness to the growth of VPS which began with very few students ,and now imparts education to about750 students.This growth only proves the kind of association and trust the parents have with the school management. The school has introduced many projects for the benefit of our children. The school has partnered with Educomp,TeachNext ,Chrysalis for the tinytots.The school children have imbibed good values and discipline, The parent teacher meetings are very fruitful and VPS has a very dedicated and committed staff. Every teacher gives individual attention to students.

VPS has remained as one of the best schools around Yelahanka. VPS has been providing education par excellence and will reach the International standards. The institution is affiliated to the ICSE Board.

I Muniraj the father of Rashmi and Shravani proudly speak about VPS as my daughters began their schooling at VPS.Rashmi is now in Grade IX and Shravani is in Grade VII.I proudly speak of the laurels of VPS to my friends and colleagues.

I wish VPS all the very best .I will always remain a well wisher of Vinayaka Public School.