Hobby Clubs


Music is an integral part of the curriculum at VPS. To guide the students to understand the nuances in the field of music. Vinayaka Public School has highly trained faculty. Our school is furnished with the latest instruments and world class audio facilities. To showcase the students’ talent, they are trained and encouraged to perform at inter school and state level competitions.

Eco Club

  • The objective of the club is to spread awareness amongst students about creating a pollution free and a green environment.
  • The students will be involved in maintaining the school as a Zero plastic Zone.
  • The students with the guidance of teachers will create a Herbal medicinal garden.
  • The students will identify the plants in the school campus,label them and write two uses .
  • The students will be involved in poster making,slogan writing and PPT presentation on various environmental issues like climate change.
  • The students will also participate in various competitions and take up projects like making eco-friendly dustbins and so on.

Science Club

  1. To promote inquisitiveness among students and to trigger interest in Science.
  2. To arouse interest in discovery and apply their discovery and simple inventions to the benefit of the society.
  3. To develop team spirit amongst students.

Literary Club

  1. To encourage students, acquire skills of public  speaking, debating, elocution, group discussion, poetry  recitation,drama and much more.
  2. To promote poetry writing, short story writing, story telling and foster appreciation for a variety of literary styles, with a focus on student generated material.
  3. Encourage and praise student achievement through performing / language arts.
  4. Promote original student work through News letters.
  5. The literary club gives a platform to the students to exhibit and verbalize the imagination and originality and talents of students through a number of activities and games like dumbcharades, word building, monoacting, enacting short skits, composing poems and much more.
  6. Students are encouraged to participate in inter –school and inter -house competitions, Spell Bee and English Olympiad.


Drama club:

“Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I will remember.
Involve me and I will understand.”

To develop and nurture the creativity of our students, we have introduced dramatics club. The dramatics classes are designed to help the students in overcoming the stage fear, work together as a team and also build leadership qualities in them. The faculty supervises the dramatic class to get the best out of the students. Regular workshops are also conducted by external consultants with expertise in the field of dramatics.

Math Club

  1. Math Club  ensures student learns Math in numerous interesting ways thus helping them in concepts.
  2. The math club helps children develop analytical skills, through math games,project ,discussion quiz.
  3. Students are encouraged to participate in Math Olympiad.

Objectives of the Art Club

  1. Functions to help students acquire artistic and aesthetic skills.
  2. Students are encouraged to hone their skill in drawing, sketching, shading, painting, clay modelling, paper work.
  3. To express their imagination.
  4. Children are encouraged to enjoy the world of art through brushes and colours.
  5. The students are encouraged to participate in inter-school and inter house competitions.

Objectives of the Heritage Club

  1. It functions to help children understand our heritage and culture.
  2. To care and know our past to create better future through visits.
  3. To take pride in India’s cultural diversity, and preserve the rich heritage.
  4. To encourage students to conduct Quiz, Present power point presentations, to create a collage.