Schedule for co-curricular activities 2017-18

June 2017
05.06.17 World Environment Day
12.06.17 Social Science Week begins
17.06.17 Theme Day and Father’s Day celebration by “Little Sprouts”
19.06.17 English Week begins
28.06.17 Educational field trip by Gr.I
30.06.17 Educational field trip by Gr.II
July 2017
03.07.17 Math week begins
03.07.17 -13.07.17 Educational Field trips
10.07.17 Science week
11.07.17 INTEL IRIS Workshop
26.07.17 Kargil Victory Day
27.07.17 Use of Fire extinguisher drill for staff
31.07.17 Emergency evacuation Mock Drill
29.07.17 Vegetable carving and Rangoli competition
August 2017
03.08.17 Vara Mahalakshmi Vrata celebration
05.08.17 Parent Teacher Meet
07.08.17 Kannada Week,Rakshabandhan celebration
11.08.17 Krishnajanmashtami celebration,Monoacting competition
15.08.17 Independence day celebration
7.08.17 to 09.08.17 Dental Checkup
21.08.17 Hindi Week begins
23.08.17 Vinayaka Chaturthi celebration
September 2017
05.09.17 Teacher’S Day celebration
06.09.17 Mid-Term Examination begins
21.09.17 Dussehra Vacation begins
October 2017
2.10.17 Gandhi Jayanthi
5.10.17 Valmiki Jayanthi
7.10.17 Partnt-teacher conference
9.10.17 Computer Science week begins
17.10.17 Special assembly on Deepavali
21.10.17 Pot painting competition.
27.10.17 Clay Modelling competition
November 2017
01.11.17 Karnataka Rajyotsava celebration
04.11.17 VPS JOUST
06.11.17 Kanaka dasa Jayanthi,Social Sience week begins
13.11.17 English week begins
14.11.17 Children’s day celebration
17.11.17 Annual Sports prize distribution(V-X)
18.11.17 Annual Sports prize distribution(I-IV)
20.11.17 Math Week begins
24.11.17 Wealth out of waste: Recycling competition
December 2017
02.12.17 English week begins
22.12.17 School Day I-IV
23.12.17 School Day V-X

May 2016  :  World Environment Day
    Induction and orientation programme for teachers
June 2016  :  Coffee with parents
    English Week
    CCA Inauguration
    Fathers Day Celebration
    Math Week
    Paper Recycling day
    Yoga day
    Pencil sketching competition (Grades V to VII)
July 2016  :  Next generation workshop for teachers
    Study of Bangalore Lakes
    Pot painting competition
    Investiture ceremony
    Kannada Week
    Hindi Week
    Medical check –up camp
    Training on use of fire extinguisher for staff
August 2016  :  Parent teacher conference
    Mock Evacuation drill
    Independence Day celebration
    Raksha Bandhan
    Krishna Janmashtami
September 2016  :  Teachers Day celebration
    Sir.M. Visweshwarayya’s Birthday
October 2016  :  project day
    Computer Science Week
    Science Week
November 2016  :  VPS Joust :The inter school sports and games competition
    Parent teacher conference for Kindergaten
    English Week
    Children’s Day
    Karnataka Rajyotsava and Rangoli Competition
    Math Week
December 2016  :  Hindi Week
    Show and tell and Speech
    Art and Craft exhibition
    Christmas celebration
    Annual Sports Prize distribution
    Kannada Week
January 2017  :  Computer Science Week:Grades I and II
    Sankranthi celebration
    Science Week
    Classical/Folk dance competiton (Solo)
    National Girl Child Day
    Republic Day celebration
    SST /EVS Week
    Observing Martyr’s Day
February 2017  :  Special Assembly by Grades III and IV
    Special Assembly by Grades V and VI
    National Children’s Dental Health Day
    National Science Day
March 2017  :  Special Assembly by Grades VII to IX

June 2015  :  English week
    Math week
    Essay writing competition: for high school
    Handwriting competition: for grades i, ii, v - vii
    Singing competition: for grades iii and iv
    World environment day
    Parent teacher conference
    Investiture ceremony
    "Eyes on nature"
July 2015  :  Kannada/Hindi week
    Science Week
    Colouring competition
    Singing contest
    Memory test
    Thoran making
    Fire and safety mock drill
    id-ul fitr
    cycle test (grade x)
    Medical check up
    Unit test
    "eyes on nature"
August 2015  :  Social/EVS week
    Story Telling
    Word search
    independence day
    interschool volley ball and tt competition
    cycle test(grade x)
    unit test
    ”Eyes on nature”
September 2015  :  teacher’s day
    sir vishweshwarayya’s birthday
    cycle test (grade x)
    gowri ganesha and ganesha chaturthi
    mid-term examination
    english week
    poetry recitation
    project day
    show and tell
    cover page designing for a story
    "Eyes on nature"
October 2015   project day
    painting contest
    cooking without fire contest
    gandhi jayanthi
November 2015   karnataka rajyotsava
    fancy dress competition
    best out of waste
    math week
    kannada/hindi week
    guruvanahalli jayanthi
    children’s day
Cycle test (grade x)
December 2015   spelling test
    flower arrangement contest
    cycle test (grade x)
    kisan day
    annual day celebration
    kindergarten sports day
    christmas celebration
January 2016   republic day
    science week
    national youth day
    makara sankranthi
    national girl child day
    marty’s day
    clay modeling
    unit test
February 2016   social/evs week
    project day
    knowledge fest for kindergarten
    national children’s health day
    keep your school clean week
    national science day
March 2016   world book day
    intenational women’s day
    annual examination
April 2016   Parent teacher meet