Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluating a child’s progress at school is a continuous comprehensive process. Each child has its individual characteristics and interests. They should receive opportunity to learn according to his / her potential.

Assessment at Vinayaka Public School takes into account the child’s multifaceted personality. The class teachers along with subject teachers help the students to cope up with the required standard and are closely monitored.

Grades I-IV

Continuous Assessments :
As growth and development is a continuous process and every child needs to develop various skills at a young age,Continuous assessment has been implemented not only for academic excellence ,also the abilities ,attitudes and aptitudes that manifest in forms other than the written word.Hence the process of teaching and learning is learner centred.

Grades V-X

Nature of Evaluation Span of Instruction Covered Weightage of periodical evaluation Weightage to assessment in school terms
Unit test or assignment July-August 10% 50%
Unit test or assignment Sept-October 10%
Half yearly Examination July -December 30%
Unit test or assignment Jan-Feb 10% 50%
Annual Examination July-April 40%